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Wednesday, March 22, 2000


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Kissel in race for CASA director

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Kissel in race for CASA director

By Marcy Cabral
Gazette Staff

Mark Kissel, VP-education for the University Students' Council, is thinking big.

Kissel has thrown his name in the ring to be next year's national director for the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations. Currently the Ontario regional director for CASA, Kissel said he is experienced, dedicated, organized and has a good understanding of the issues.

Jason Aebig, current national director of CASA, agreed. "Mark is very qualified and respected among the representatives who deal with him on a daily basis," he said.

Aebig officially steps down from the position on April 30 and his successor will take the reins on May 1 – the three candidates running for the position began campaigning yesterday. Sixteen schools have the right to vote in the April election.

To ease into the position, the new national chair would have a month-long transition period, Aebig said, adding Kissel had been very active over the past year in terms of CASA's development.

Kissel said if given the opportunity, he would put everything he has learned over this past year to good use.

"He knows the organization inside and out," said SzeJack Tan, USC president.

Kissel said he hoped to create a unified voice in an effort to bring the provincial offices up to speed on the organization. He said he also planned to enhance CASA's already strong foundation. "CASA has a good foundation, but I can add the beams, lights and walls to make it a good lobby organization."

Kissel added he intended to show students have a voice by making sure the federal government listens all of their concerns.

Tan said Kissel was passionate and persistent when it came to lobbying. The role of national director calls for someone who can convey the message and at the same time not be pushy, he added. "[He needs to] maintain the focus of the organization and keep recruiting different schools and make a difference."

Aebig said he had a lot of faith in Kissel to tackle the problems at hand if he was elected. "It's an excellent opportunity for him [and] if successful, [he] will be an asset," he said.

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