Volume 93, Issue 91

Wednesday, March 22, 2000


Art is eye sore on the UCC beach

Time to accept your intolerance

Art is eye sore on the UCC beach

To the Editor:

With spring upon us and Mother Nature showering us with blessings of warm weather, everyone flocks outdoors.

So let us not wallow in our own crapulence and come to the obvious realization that what stands before us so prominently on the matriarch of our institution's threshold must be removed.

Let us get to the point – get that crap off of our concrete beach.

The so called "art" created by our resident engineers, is no more than an eyesore which should be replaced by something a lot more practical and less painful.

Maybe we do not fully appreciate art, but somehow the sight of a rusted old piece of metal molded into the shape of a sailboat is not as appealing as it once was. It seems unlikely that meshed chicken wire will ever catch the spring winds.

May we suggest the University Students' Council consider putting in additional benches and trees or something of that sort. Hopefully moving between classes can become a joy rather than a forced and unwanted lesson in art from our engineers.

Robert Cadiz
Allan Hale
Justin Maxwell
Marc Paterson
Michael Stone
Administrative and Commercial Studies II

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