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Thursday, March 23, 2000


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Ignorant male

Re: "Men on film get thumbs down" March 17

To the Editor:

After attending the Western Film Festival on March 15, I was absolutely amazed at the quality of the films.

Not only was I amazed with the films themselves, but also with the fact that the whole film fest was entirely student run. The organization and countless hours of work needed to produce such an event was quite evident when looking at the attendance of the festival.

However, after reading Joshua Paul's letter, it is quite clear that he was not there.

His letter was completely unresearched and full of misleading facts. I can assure you that gender bias was not a part of this year's festival. The festival's opening remarks addressed the problem that only a handful of females entered the competition and there were words of encouragement for more to take part next year. People from other faculties were also encouraged to join.

As for the films themselves, I can only stress to you that they were much more than films that "represented a bunch of ignorant males who would rather see big tits and male protagonists."

The films ranged over a broad spectrum of topics encompassing many different issues. A film submitted by Jeff Vanderwal depicted a young woman's struggle to try and deal with her problems. Clearly, the films dealt with much more intriguing issues than the superficial ones that Paul suggests. As another side note, the winner of this year's festival was Mary Fogarty, a woman.

It is outrageous that after all the hard work, hours of planning and effort put into this event by the students, someone has the nerve to criticize their work. The films shown in the festival were of extremely high quality and I am sure that it was very difficult for the selection committee to make their choices, but I am sure that gender never played a role in this decision.

It seems to me that the only "ignorant male" here is Joshua Paul. Get the facts.

Lisa Rahm
History and Sociology II

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