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Thursday, March 23, 2000


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Specious idea

Re: "Men on film get thumbs down" March 17

To the Editor:

As a member of the Undergraduate Film Society who happened to attend this year's undergraduate film festival, I have a number of contentions with Mr. Paul's statements.

To begin, all the films screened at this year's festival were exceptional. The selection "oligarchy" which Mr. Paul refers to was comprised of volunteers and was open to any students interested in screening the films.

Mr. Paul states that it is his belief that anyone outside of the film department was discriminated against. The films that were submitted for adjudication were judged on their merit through a point system. Each film was graded by the panel and that score was averaged.

The simple truth is that with a large number of films submitted, some films, even though they may indeed have been very fine, simply had to be excluded from the festival. After positing his groundless attack on the members of the film society, Mr. Paul gets to the true intention of his letter.

Mr. Paul writes in defence of Victoria Moufawad's film. This thinly veiled attack on the film society is in defence of a film that he feels deserves special mention. His specious reasoning is that the film society is composed of "ignorant males who would rather see big tits and male protagonists."

Had Mr. Paul been in attendance at this year's festival he would have discovered that the majority of the films were experimental and lacked protagonists. Although I have not seen Ms. Moufawad's most recent film, it is possible that the other films were indeed more worthy of being screened.

Perhaps Ms. Moufawad simply fell into the trap of making an overly political film that alienates the viewers, both male and female.

Robert Hyland
English and Film IV

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