Volume 93, Issue 92

Thursday, March 23, 2000


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Party pooper

To the Editor:

The brothers of the Lambda Omega chapter would like to formally apologize to all those refused admittance to our recent "Splash Bash" party.

As a result of the counterfeit T-shirts being made for our party and the subsequent need to inspect every shirt, the lineups' progress was delayed. Due to an understandably rowdy lineup, the London Police were then called to the scene. After many attempts to control the situation, when the lineup failed to clear a sufficient path so that the doors could be opened, the police shut down further entrance to the party.

As many of those unable to gain entrance were our friends, family and even brothers, we again sincerely apologize for this unfortunate circumstance and feel it necessary to make amends by donating proceeds from this event to the Jewish National Fund for tree planting in Israel.

We hope to host a free party within the next two weeks as another gesture of our thanks to those who understand that this situation had simply escalated to a point beyond our control. We hope this clarifies any misunderstanding.

David Moull
Political Science III
President of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity
Tim Gibson
Masters Business IV
Vice-President of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity

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