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Fridday, March 24, 2000


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Creative tension helps Blue Rodeo go the Distance

Strange Bargain a real deal

Exploders pack diverse sounds in one punch

Sammie offers solid vocals, pinchable cheeks

Blood and guts a Merry old time


Sammie offers solid vocals, pinchable cheeks

From The Bottom To The Top

Imagine auditioning for a producer who has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, TLC and Boyz II Men. Now, picture it at the tender age of 12.

This is the experience Sammie Bush had, singing for famed producer Dallas Austin, who was so impressed that he produced and wrote Sammie's debut album, From The Bottom To The Top.

The fresh-faced portrait on the cover makes it hard for a person to take this prodigy seriously. The video for his first single, "I Like It," doesn't help matters, as it depicts him showing off a shiny, rimmed-out BMX and playing ball, while young girls dance in little cheerleading outfits marked with an "S," while waving pom-poms.

However, if you can get past this and listen to the songs, Sammie may surprise you. In fact, if you listen to the whole album, you may actually end up liking it. Damn.

Rapper JT Money makes a guest appearance and starts the album off with "The Bottom," which features a fast-paced beat sure to hit the clubs. "Crazy Things I Do" takes the listener back to the time when they would sacrifice lunch money for their childhood crush.

"Stuff Like This" is a choice track containing a beautiful soft beat and a catchy, emotional chorus. Sammie supplies his best vocals of the album on this cut and Austin contributes some solid writing throughout the entire album.

At times, Sammie overdoes the vocals and aims for Michael Jackson heights – and although most of his songs are good, they are fairly derivative. However, he is obviously talented and with a producer like Austin behind him, the sky's the limit.

–Joel Brown

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