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Blood and guts a Merry old time


Blood and guts a Merry old time

Photo by A Red Lollipop

By Rebecca Morier
Gazette Staff

If laughter coupled with blood and guts make for a good time, then stand-up comedian David Merry is guaranteed to please.

Having performed over 5,000 shows worldwide, the Toronto native makes his next comedy stop in London tonight and tomorrow at Yuk Yuk's.

When asked to describe his humour, Merry, a 20 year veteran of stand-up comedy, draws a strange comparison. "[It's] Rodney Dangerfield meets Penn and Teller," he says. An extremely visual performer, he delights his audiences with captivating spectacles and quick wit. He reveals that his act is a bit of a circus. "It's kind of a twisted magic show but there's like, 200 one-liners in it," he explains.

Noted for the amusing element of visual tease-and-please which he brings to his act, he entertains audiences with a trunk full of irreverent props and his own one-of-a-kind inventions. Merry, who promises twists and surprises, plans his act to fulfill the expectations of his spectators.

"Even though I'm 37, I still try to keep the act hip for the kids who come out," he says. The final clinching moment promises an unexpected and perhaps messy event – "[There is] a bit of a blood bath," he discloses.

Despite his comedic adeptness, Merry is a professional golfer, a world Blackjack champion and a water-skiing expert, among other things. He busies himself with worldwide corporate golf outings and also stars on Global TV's Get a Grip on Golf. Clearly, Merry is serious with his time and cannot be described as an idle man.

Currently, he is focused on finishing a book about advanced roulette strategies, which will be available in approximately three weeks. Merry intends to follow his book launch with seminars and lectures around the country.

"I've stumbled onto an amazing procedure that happens in roulette. It's pretty top secret," he says, with eager anticipation.

His success with clever witticisms and sharp one-liners, however, is no secret. His humorous talents have been featured on numerous television shows, including SCTV, Open Mike with Mike Bullard, Bizarre and COMICS!

He is also well known by a multitude of comedy superstars such as Jay Leno, Rodney Dangerfield and Joan Rivers, who have all requested Merry's written material. In fact, he fondly recalls working closely with comedy icon Jerry Seinfeld.

"Probably the most fun couple of nights that I ever had was working with Jerry Seinfeld. I did Thursday nights with him," he enthuses.

Of all his accomplishments, Merry is most proud of an occasion that marked the appeal of his humour to not only to his audiences, but also to comedy legends.

"About eight or 10 years ago, I sold Rodney Dangerfield three or four jokes. About a week after I got the cheque in from him, I heard [them] on The Tonight Show, which was pretty fun. He did that when Johnny [Carson] was still there. That was a pretty big thrill."

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