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Eastern university caps tuition

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

It was unseasonably cold in Prince Edward Island yesterday, as administrators announced a tuition freeze for the upcoming school year.

Students at the University of Prince Edward Island were celebrating after the university announced it would freeze the cost of tuition for the 2000-01 school year, said John Desrosiers, UPEI Student Union president. FullŠtime tuition at UPEI currently costs $3,480 per year.

"We feel its a great opportunity for students," Desrosiers said. "In 22 years of fighting we've finally succeeded in a tuition freeze and now we know tuition is not going up next year."

Desrosiers explained the SU had met with the university's administration on a regular basis in the hope of hammering out an agreement on freezing tuition. The decision came after an average yearly increase of 7.7 per cent over the last 22 years, Desrosiers said.

"The UPEI Board of Governors is pleased to be able to keep tuition fees for students at the current level," said Regis Duffy, chair of BOG at UPEI. He explained the university based its decision on a budget increase to operating grants. Duffy added the announcement would be made official when UPEI approved its full 2000-01 budget at a BOG meeting scheduled in April.

UPEI president Wade MacLauchlan said he thought the freeze was a great way to improve post-secondary education within the province. "A UPEI education is good value for money," he said. MacLauchlan explained the university had a three year budget framework planned which was designed to invest in higher education.

"Over the three year framework, we must continue to manage our resources carefully," MacLauchlan stated. "We are pleased that our students will be the beneficiaries of prudent management and increased levels of public support for the university."

Desrosiers also explained the administration announced it would allot $600 for every third and fourth-year student, in an effort to keep students interested in post-secondary education on the island. "With the tuition freeze it works out to almost a 20 per cent reduction," Desrosiers said.

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