Volume 93, Issue 94

Tuesday, March 28, 2000


O-week becomes issue again

UWOFA may strike

Ancillary fees get the big chill

Shinerama fund-raising threatened by the Safe Streets Act

U of T sit-in comes to an end

Campus break out of break-ins


Caught on campus

Campus break out of break-ins

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

Parking under a light might be a good idea, as eight vehicles on campus were broken into over the last week, said University Police Department Const. Wendy McGowan.

"I just want to bring it to the students' attention," she said. "Numerous vehicles were broken into." McGowan listed Lambton Hall, Brescia College, Huron Flats, Medway Hall, Althouse College and Essex Hall as the locations of the break-ins. She added stereos and speakers were stolen from some of the vehicles.

The UPD also responded to a complaint Tuesday that two students were seen in the University Community Centre carrying firearms. "They were replicas of a Colt .45 and an air gun," she said. "They were being used for a play the next night."

McGowan said the two guns were confiscated by the UPD. "Something like this could cause great alarm to the community," she said. "The students were spoken to, as was the co-ordinator of the play. It's one thing to have [the guns], it's another to have them out."

McGowan said the University Police were still working with the London Police to investigate the stabbing which occurred in the Social Sciences Centre parking lot early March 19. She stated the UPD had erected posters identifying a knife which police believe could have been used in the stabbing. McGowan said if students saw the posters and recognized the knife engraved with the word 'Hanoi,' they should call Det. John Paré with the London Police.

On March 22, the UPD were lucky to catch an individual believed to have stolen a laptop computer from Saugeen-Maitland Hall. "The student was not a Saugeen resident," she said. The laptop was worth $3,900 and stolen from a room within the residence. "The individual was charged with theft not exceeding $5,000."

The police also responded to a complaint from a female student who was receiving unwarranted attention from a male. McGowan said the UPD were investigating the inappropriate attention.

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