Volume 93, Issue 94

Tuesday, March 28, 2000


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Some facts to clarify

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Some facts to clarify

Re: "Art is eye sore on the UCC beach" March 22

To the Editor:

It would seem that Robert Cadiz and his cronies failed to do proper research before attempting to slam the engineers for having created the lovely art on the Concrete Beach.

Unfortunately, they had one fact wrong – the "sailboat" in front of the University Community Centre wasn't made by engineers.

In fact, an actual artist was responsible for this eye sore. Legend has it that, soon after this piece of art first appeared, the engineers dismantled it and reassembled it in the UCC atrium, putting in its place outside an eye-pleasing stack of picnic tables.

One might say that they were the first ones to realize that this "art" was in fact nothing more than a bunch of junk. Next time, check your facts please.

Aleks Essex
Chris Snow
Electrical Engineering II

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