Volume 93, Issue 94

Tuesday, March 28, 2000


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A Liberal expose

A Liberal expose

To the Editor:

I am currently a member of the Western Liberal Association and am taking part in the executive elections at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for today. After notifying the current executive of my intentions to run for the position of president, I was subjected to what I believe to be not only insulting, but slanderous comments.

Unquestionably, I would like to improve the club here at Western. The executive has a by-law wherein any candidates must notify the club a minimum of three days prior to the AGM. After such notification, a club executive communication document appeared, which contained information which could bias or taint the election process.

I feel this tightly knit group of members are playing exclusionary politics wherein I was labelled as "arrogant" and (the document said) someone should tell this guy that politics is about kissing ass. In my humble opinion, politics is not about "kissing ass" but about solid leadership, respect and due process.

I would expect more professionalism from a club associated with Canada's government. I expect more professionalism from a provincial student political organization.

I intend to run a clean, positive campaign – one I hope I am allowed to conduct. Even if today does not result in a changing of the guard, Liberals all around campus will be aware of these "executive decisions."

Chris Smillie
Honours Political Science III

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