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Wednesday, March 29, 2000


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Re: "Time to accept your intolerance" and "Dr. Laura prescribes bad medicine" March 22

To the Editor:

Dougal Martin and Sara Martel have a problem. They feel that the world is not a very accommodating place for homosexuals, but can't seem to put their finger on the reason. Martin doesn't understand why so many would recoil in disgust if he were to exhibit posters of naked men on his door. Martel can't figure out why Dr. Laura's show sells, let alone the concept of freedom of speech. Neither of them seems to grasp the difference between tolerance and acceptance.

The answer to their problem is a simple one – write their own letters. What alternative lifestyle individuals presently experience from the world is tolerance. This is seen in the form of homosexual couples receiving the same rights and benefits as heterosexual common-law couples.

Acceptance would include homosexuals as married couples. Homosexuals do not experience this acceptance as of yet. But why not? That is ultimately what they want – isn't it? But the world is not ready to give it to them. The many problems that they face are there for a reason. Groups such as Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and its homosexual supporters are trying to force the world to change faster than it is prepared to go.

Martin acknowledges that most individuals are set in their ways and are not willing to change. Change happens with each new generation and this process will only occur as fast as nature will allow. Society as a whole will only change as fast.

Correct or incorrect, society determines what is right and what is wrong. Society as a whole does not yet accept homosexuality.

Martin and Martel, it is for this reason that people don't want to hear about it and recoil in disgust. It also explains the high market demand for Dr. Laura's show.

Ryan Adams
Engineering III

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