Volume 93, Issue 95

Wednesday, March 29, 2000


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Art is a work of pure genius

Re: "Art is eye sore on UCC Beach" March 22

To the Editor:

The first time I laid my eyes on that piece of work, it immediately brought a smile to my face – a combination of art and subtle humour. "Everything you could do wrong in designing a sail boat," said one of my friends. I personally find it a work of genius.

For one, it creates a much needed contrast to the lush green spring/summer surroundings. But we all know every day is not Sunday and to see it on a gloomy, grayish dark winter day on a background of leafless trees, gives me some apocalyptic nightmares occasionally.

May I suggest the University Students' Council find a better place for this work of genius (don't mean to irritate those art students).

Abdul Guuled
Biochemical Engineering III

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