Volume 93, Issue 95

Wednesday, March 29, 2000


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Attack obscured in generalization

To the Editor:

I completely agree with many of the sentiments expressed by Ms. Martel in her column. What I do not appreciate is the generalized attack she makes on American society and culture.

Does she feel that Canadians are exempt from her attack? How ignorant are we if we believe that we can soak up "American culture" and remain separate from it at the same time?

If shows such as Dr. Laura's weren't listened to across Canada, or if the show wasn't going to be picked up by Canadian cable companies due to expected viewer demand, then I would say that Ms. Martel would be free to make any comments she wants.

However, this isn't the case. If we wake up tomorrow and find that all American made television shows, music, talk shows, movies, sports, etc., have been taken away from us, we would be lost. What we seem to fail to realize is that so-called "American culture" is also, for the most part, "Canadian culture."

We love it and need it just as much as our American neighbours need it. The differences are very slight. I'm not suggesting that we are Americanized northerners, just as I'm not suggesting Americans are becoming more Canadian. What I am saying is that we happen to share a similar culture.

If Ms. Martel wants to suggest that a radio show – soon to be television show – says something about American society, when that same show is just as much a part of Canadian society, then she needs to broaden her perspective here.

I'll agree with her that the radio show can tell us something about North American society, but let's not be so hypocritical as to suggest we're somehow better than Americans.

Derrick Eaves
English II

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