Volume 93, Issue 95

Wednesday, March 29, 2000


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Sailboat much like Stonehenge

Re: "Art is eye sore on UCC beach" March 22

To the Editor:

This letter is directed towards the gentlemen who have a beef with a metal sailboat.

You say to yourself that perhaps you do not fully appreciate art, so then who are you to criticize? I like to think of Western as a place full of diverse people who range in their likes and dislikes. It's good that you have an opinion and that you want to express it, but did you ever think about the people who might enjoy the art?

Granted it has seen better days, but you don't hear people saying that Stonehenge should be torn down because it no longer has its former glory.

The sailboat is really not getting in the way of anything and you want to remove it and replace it with a bench.

Wow, now that's something nice to look at.

Kendra Bailey
Science II

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