Volume 93, Issue 81

Friday, March 3, 2000


Editors should be commended

Power to those kissing girls

USC has to start sweatin' it

Power to those kissing girls

Re: "Cover photo same as pornography" Feb. 17

To the Editor:

Would it make any difference to put a picture of a male and female enjoying themselves at the Charity Ball on the front of The Gazette? No. But suddenly it's two girls and some people have a problem.

What if they were a couple? Who cares? What if they wanted to drive their boyfriends crazy by playing out a sexual fantasy? Again, who cares? It is probably true that you will not see any photos of two males kissing in the paper and on the front page, no less.

Unfortunately, that is how our society works. It's no secret that many straight guys are homophobic. To read that a girl found a picture of two girls kissing appalling suggests to me that she is just as homophobic. Who cares if the Charity Ball was some drunken make-out fest? The Charity Ball is about having a good time for a good cause.

It seems to me that someone has a case of sour grapes. And power to the girls who do not have any sexual inhibitions.

Madelaine Hollis
Geology II

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