Volume 93, Issue 96

Thursday, March 30, 2000


Anybody for a poetry contest?

Time to test the teachers

Anybody for a poetry contest?

Re: "For your viewing, a little poem" March 28

To the Editor:

I am used to defending my liberal arts education, but not usually to my fellow students.

It would seem that Jill Plantz, despite being here at Western for almost a year, still hasn't learned the value of university study (and I'm not talking about the fact that she thinks it costs $50,000 either).

Miss Plantz, if you find that useless information is being drilled into your head, either you shouldn't be here, or you need to switch programs. You might also consider college where you can get a more "practical" education – Fanshawe College is just down the road.

You question the teachings of Shakespeare and seem to think it's related to old beliefs in class and prestige and that it has no relevance today. Well, I'd like to tell you what I learned in my Shakespeare course this year.

I was entertained and challenged to think critically. I practiced my oral communication, presentation, writing, research and time management skills. I also gained knowledge of British culture and history, cultivated my appreciation of the arts, gained insight into human nature and even learned how to make a web site. Now all of this seems very relevant to me.

Of course it was obvious to me from that abomination you called a poem, included with your letter, that you still have a lot of relevant skills yet to cultivate here at Western. If you can't master poetry, then I suggest you at least start with imagination.

Claire La France
English and Women's Studies III

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