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Tuesday, March 7, 2000


VP candidates announced

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Wallin makes Western's list of honourables

U of T cancer research spreads

Library does its research

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VP candidates announced

By John Intini
Gazette Staff

Thirteen wannabe Western politicians hit the University Students' Council streets for the first time yesterday.

Campaigning for the four soon to be vacant vice-president positions began yesterday and will continue for the two weeks leading up to the March 18 vote, said current USC speaker Naomi Loewith.

Loewith, whose duties as speaker include running the vice-presidential elections, said the group of candidates would spend the next two weeks meeting – for one-on-one interviews – with each of the approximately 110 incoming and outgoing voting members of the council, who have the right to vote in this election.

Loewith said the strong show of interest was a good sign for next year's USC. "Some of the candidates have already been doing research, which is great," she said.

This year's three VPs offered some advice, gained from their year in the USC office, for the hopefuls.

VP-campus issues Perry Monaco said one of the biggest challenges candidates should expect to face on the campaign trail was finding a balance between their studies and being able to get out to talk with councillors.

He added another big difference between this race and the USC presidential race, which four of the VP candidates once aspired in, was the face-to-face criticism candidates will receive through their one-on-one interviews.

Mark Kissel, VP-education said the most important advice he could offer to the three vying for his position, was to do their homework. "Be as knowledgeable as possible," Kissel said, adding it is vital to have knowledge of all academic related topics, including student lobby groups and the university Senate. "This position, above all, is the one you need to know the most facts, cold."

Derrick Taub, VP-finance, said his only recommendation to the pair of candidates running for VP-finance, was to campaign hard. "Councillors are well educated and well informed," he said. "Be prepared and knowledgeable."

Five students indicated their interest in the currently vacant VP-student affairs post, which was the most for any one spot.

On March 14, the candidates will face questions from the Western community in a forum in the University Community Centre atrium, Loewith said.

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