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Tuesday, March 7, 2000


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Homework needed on exchanges

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Homework needed on exchanges

By Stephanie Cesca
Gazette Staff

Exchange programs will soon be under the microscope, as Western's Senate decided Friday to form a new review committee to evaluate their international study placements.

John Thorp, chair of the Senate Committee on Academic Policy and Admissions, proposed the implementation of the committee to ensure all presently active or future programs would benefit students and act in the best interests of the university.

However Jim Davies, chair of the economics department, said he had some problems with the proposal. "I think it's unnecessary to subject those exchange programs to review."

Although Davies said the committee was a good idea overall, he thought there was no reason why programs already in place would have to be subjected to extensive review.

"Our concern is, we have over 100 exchange programs," explained registrar Roma Harris, who said some students have returned home from their exchange programs with less than favourable reports. "There has been disappointment on both sides," she said.

An ongoing review of the programs, particularly Western's 50 most popular ones, would identify any problems beforehand, she added.

Greg Moran, VP-academic, agreed with Harris and applauded the policy. "We have the liability as an institution. We have an academic liability," he said. Moran added the committee was needed to meet Western's standards and ensure the exchange programs were up to par.

Before the policy passed, Mark Kissel, VP-education for the University Students' Council, proposed an amendment which also passed. It asked that students write a report about their experiences in the program, which would be kept on file for future reference.

Moran added the idea was beneficial and said it would be better for the report to be recommended, rather than required.

Kissel said he would be glad to invite students to write the report and added this move would greatly benefit students who want to take advantage of exchange programs in the future.

Although there would be no students on the committee, Kissel said he was pleased the motion passed, adding the reports would offer up-to-date, reference-based commentary on each of the programs.

"This committee would be implemented for exchange programs starting in September," he added.

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