Volume 93, Issue 82

Tuesday, March 7, 2000


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American mag features Western's Fairs

Homework needed on exchanges

Wallin makes Western's list of honourables

U of T cancer research spreads

Library does its research

Grand Am theft auto



Caught on campus 1

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Caught on campus 3

Caught on campus 4

Grand Am theft auto

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

Last week was a busy one for the University Police Department as they responded to numerous thefts, drinking complaints and internet hackers.

The many thefts left Const. Wendy McGowan urging anyone using university facilities to secure their personal items.

"A red Grand Am was stolen from the Althouse [College] parking lot," McGowan said. Apparently the victim left her belongings in a classroom and the keys were stolen with her ski jacket and backpack. "The vehicle was later recovered in the Richmond [Street and] Gray Street area," she said. Another vehicle was stolen at Saugeen-Maitland Hall this past week.

Thieves also made off with $20 from an unattended backpack in a Social Sciences Centre classroom, McGowan said. She added lockers were also broken into at Althouse last week and a window was smashed on the ground floor of the SSC. Vending machines all over campus were also damaged, she said.

On the alcohol front, McGowan said a complaint was received on March 1 stating individuals were seen drinking in the parking lot of Windermere Manor. However, upon arrival the UPD could not locate anyone, she said.

Drinking was also a problem over the weekend, she said, as Wave staff were alerted when the UPD found people drinking in the bathroom. Two intoxicated males were also removed from the University Community Centre for being drunk in public and causing a disturbance, she said.

In a strange occurrence, an unconscious male was found in an Engineering Sciences window well at 6:06 a.m. on March 4. The man was naked from the waist down and was transported to University Hospital for further treatment. "We had concerns about his medical condition and sent him for an assessment," McGowan said.

Some shady characters were spotted on campus and three individuals suspected of suspicious activities were charged with trespassing – two in the Western Science Centre and one in the UCC.

McGowan also said she was warning internet users to be careful, as the UPD responded and gave advice to a female student who had her system compromised this week. "We've become increasingly concerned about some difficulties we've had with the internet," she said.

"A person had the integrity of her system jeopardized, likely through a trojan application." McGowan said she was urging students not to accept files from unknown sources in an attempt to prevent this from happening again.

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