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Tuesday, March 7, 2000


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Libs trip up Alliance

Re: "Piling it on for votes" March 1

To the Editor:

Your editorial regarding the federal budget made a good point in stating that the Liberals designed the budget with the next election in mind. But I think that it slightly missed the mark in explaining the Liberals' strategy.

The editorial claims that "[by] dividing the pie up as equally as possible, the feds are simply making an effort to please as many people as possible." I believe the budget which was released on Feb. 28 was skewed in one direction in order to retain a very specific segment of the voting population.

In light of the recent Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation and "shovelgate" scandals which have threatened their popularity, it is crucial to the Liberals that they keep a stronghold in Ontario. The only possible threat to the Liberals in Ontario is the newly formed Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance.

If Preston Manning ever gets his act together, his eastbound party could steal some seats from the Liberals in Ontario.

The Canadian Alliance was set to build an election campaign on decreasing personal and corporate income taxes, the elimination of bracket creep and spending on infrastructure and on the military. Paul Martin skewed his budget towards the Conservative agenda, effectively kicking the feet out from under the new party.

The Canadian Allianmce is now left to campaign on issues such as raising the top income tax bracket to $200,000 to help out those struggling rich people, which is hardly a popular idea, the flat tax, which is about as Canadian as the right to bear arms and the triple E Senate, which is the only good idea ever to have come out of the Reform party.

Those crafty Liberals have probably secured their right/centre-minded voters in the mega-city and the Golden Horseshoe region. The losers in this whole thing are, of course, those of us who dreamed of lower tuition some day and anyone who is waiting for cancer treatment.

Gary Magee
Kinesiology '99

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