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Thursday, March 9, 2000


Budget unveiled to council

Funding bypasses liberal arts

Coca-Cola campaign leaves bad aftertaste

City considers posting restaurant health and safety violations

Hampton talks shop in UCC



Caught on campus 1

Caught on campus 2

Caught on campus 3


Engineers ready for battle

The 2000 Canadian engineering competition will be set against a Western backdrop this year and contestants from all across the country are bringing their skills to the competition.

Scott Lasenby, director of logistics for the competition, said the top 34 engineering schools in the nation will be represented at the event, which begins today at London's Hilton Hotel. Approximately 170 competitors will test their knowledge in areas such as problem solving and corporate design.

"It's a very high calibre competition," he said, adding many of the competition's winners go on to market their products.

The event, sponsored by Nortel Networks, has been built up over the last two months, where regional competitions have decided this year's participants, Lasenby added.

–Paul-Mark Rendon

Laughing it up for charity

The Justin Landry Show, a sketch comedy program shot as a pilot for the Comedy Network, is being broadcast tonight in King's College as a charitable benefit for the Hospital For Sick Children Foundation.

Landry, who graduated from Western last year with a political science degree, is not only the driving force behind the production, but an aspiring stand-up comedian with a desire to lend a helping hand to those in need. "I financed it all myself, with the help of donations and other things. I'm like thousands in the hole, but it's all right," he said.

The program is set to air from 9 to 10 p.m. tonight, after a brief reception.

"Everyone from London is welcome to come, get sauced and contribute to the Sick Kids' charity. You can pay whatever to get in, although anything between the suggested donation of $2 to $10 would be great," he added.

–Luke Rundle

Race becomes shorter

The University Students' Council VP-education race became a little tighter yesterday.

Fourth-year political science student Raivo Uukkivi announced he would be removing his name from the ballot, after being accepted by Western's law school.

"At first, I thought if I got an offer I would defer it," he said. "But in the end I decided to go to school."

Debaters finish eighth

Western debaters old and new had a great time out East last weekend.

Members of Western's A-team, Naomi Loewith and Ellen Silver, placed eighth of the 60 teams which made the trip to St. John's, Newfoundland for the national debating championship.

Silver said the competition was the largest and most fierce of any during the year.

Two Western alumni currently at the University of Ottawa, Ranjan Agarwal and Rob Silver, Ellen's brother, took home the gold.

The winning pair argued in the championship round how right wing parties, such as Austria's Freedom party, should be forced to fund all other parties, Silver said.

–John Intini

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