Volume 93, Issue 84

Thursday, March 9, 2000


Guns stop tyrannous governments

Beauty is in the eye of beholder

Not all fun and games at local bar

Beauty is in the eye of beholder

Re: "Controversial or just inappropriate?" March 7

To the Editor:

I have two words for all the lambasting that has gone regarding the photo of two girls kissing – chill out!

Yes, it was slightly shocking and yes, it was appealing to many but please – give it a rest. There are plenty issues of greater importance on this campus than a seemingly "controversial" photo.

The only "big deal" here is that there are obviously a lot of individuals who are stuck in a Victorian mind-set and are uncomfortable with human sexuality. Furthermore, would so many people be upset if those girls had not been so beautiful? I sense a little jealousy.

Lana Bryon
Political Science IV

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