Volume 93, Issue 84

Thursday, March 9, 2000


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Millennium moment

An epistolary Jay's evaluation

Millennium moment

Hitman's Hart broken

This week's millennium moment is for pro-wrestling fans.

The 1997 "Survivor Series" for the World Wrestling Federation marked the first time something real ever happened in the fictitious world of the "sport."

Bret "The Hitman" Hart was preparing to defend his WWF world title against Shawn Michaels but the story surrounding the event was far more interesting than the pay-per-view match.

Hart was asked in the weeks leading up to the event to look for work with another wrestling company. The WWF felt Hart's age and his views on wrestling did not coincide with the new direction of the company.

Vince McMahon, chair of the WWF, wanted Hart to lose his title to Michaels at the "Survivor Series". McMahon and Hart agreed on an ending to the match in advance – a disqualification – and Hart entered the ring.

During the match however, Michaels put the Hitman in a submission hold called the "sharpshooter" and the referee, on McMahon orders, stopped the match, giving Michaels the win.

The end went against the planned script for the match and left Hart in the ring, wondering what had happened.

Later in the locker room, Hart punched McMahon in the face when he tried to talk to Hart about what had occurred.

Hart left for World Championship Wrestling disgusted with the WWF. McMahon used the incident to create a new character for himself as an "evil boss."

–Chad Thompson

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