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Thursday, March 9, 2000


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An epistolary Jay's evaluation

An epistolary Jay's evaluation

Dear Toronto Blue Jays:

I understand it's been a tough few years. It seems like only yesterday Joe Carter was running around the bases, jumping up and down, after his famous home run. But I know that was seven years ago and those glory days seem behind you.

This year has probably been one of your toughest.

There you were, on the verge of returning to playoff form and perhaps reliving those glory days. But the off-season hit and the all powerful dollar began to make it's rounds.

You said goodbye to some of the most important elements of your team – pitcher Pat Hentgen is gone and while I always liked Pat, it was perhaps time for him to move on. Outfielder Shawn Green went on his way to sunny Los Angeles. But even with Green, the Dodgers will still have to face teams such as the Atlanta Braves and the Houston Astros. So while his departure hurt, it certainly didn't guarantee them anything.

With the spring air upon us, the smell of the leather and the odd tobacco chewer spitting away, it's probably a good time to take stock of where you stand.

Your pitching staff is still pretty strong and at the very least, David Wells will prove entertaining.

On the field, first baseman Carlos Delgado will still be the team captain. Short stop Alex Gonzalez will be back and will hopefully pick up where he left off.

It's too early to grade outfielder Raul Mondesi and outfielder Jose Cruz is always a question mark.

But that's what winning is all about – taking chances. Remember how it turned out in '91 when you took a chance trading three of your best players for three younger ones? So who knows, you might get lucky.

Kudos on the re-hiring of Cito Gaston as hitting coach. It's no secret that he's a personal favourite of mine and I think he was given a raw deal when he was fired.

While I'm happy about his return, I'll be honest – more than anyone else, he deserves to bring you back to championship gold.

This year things are looking pretty good – you're 3-1 in spring training and although it maybe early, it's still a good start.

And while in the regular season, you'll be facing the World Champions to get to the playoffs, just keep in mind two things both recently demonstrated by New York teams. Money doesn't guarantee championships [Rangers] and guts can go a long way [Mets].

So while the season maybe long and the competition tough, who knows, this could be the beginning of some new Blue Jay magic.

Good luck.

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