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Friday, May 12, 2000


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The battle for books rages on

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

The University Community Centre is currently the battleground in the war of the bookstores. The University Students' Council and Western administration are at odds over the rules governing the purchasing of used textbooks on campus.

USC president Dave Braun said a formal agreement called the Restated Occupancy Agreement exists between Western administration and the USC that states the students' council must approve any changes to the use of space in the UCC Braun said.

The USC felt administration violated this agreement when The Bookstore began purchasing used textbooks from students. Braun explained this hurt the business of the USC-owned Used Bookstore, which also offers to buy used textbooks from students. As a result, the USC has lodged a formal complaint with university administration.

Much of the confusion may come from a misunderstanding of the Used Bookstore's policies, Braun said. He added while predominantly the Used Bookstore sells textbooks on consignment, they do offer to buy textbooks from students for cash.

Braun said he is hopeful a resolution to the conflict can be reached. "I'm hoping we can resolve this with fewer lawyers and more common sense."

Don Ekdahl, manager of The Bookstore, disagreed with Braun's assessment of the situation. "There is nothing in the agreement which prohibits The Bookstore from buying back used texts books from students," he said.

Ekdahl said he realized a disagreement exists on the issue and hopes he can be a party to any discussions aimed at resolving the issue.

Manager of the Used Bookstore, Renate Wald, said the Used Bookstore already offers to buy books from students. In addition, they also offer to sell textbooks for students on consignment.

She said the current situation has been very confusing for students and hopefully a solution could be found sooner rather than later.

Western's VP-administration, Peter Mercer, said he hopes to meet with the USC to resolve the situation and present administration's views on the conflict. "We are trying to offer a service to students that we did not think was being met in full," he said.

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