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Friday, May 12, 2000


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Media centre links UWO to Fanshawe

By Chris Lackner
Gazette Staff

Post-secondary students in London have something to celebrate in the planning of a joint media studies program between Western and Fanshawe College.

During last week's provincial budget speech, Finance Minister Ernie Eves announced plans for a $4.3 million dollar joint communication centre for Western and Fanshawe, said Howard Rundle, Fanshawe's president.

"These funds will finance a diploma-degree initiative, in which media students will be able to obtain an education from both institutions simultaneously," Rundle said. He explained students normally spend three or four years at Western and then come to Fanshawe for two years. The new joint program would allow a student to obtain both media degrees in a four to five-year span, he said.

"We gave money to the projects which were most in need," explained Dave Ross, media spokesperson for the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. He said the funds for the initiative were provided by the SuperBuild Growth Fund, which has provided financial support to Ontario's post-secondary institutions.

"The University of Western Ontario is pleased to have received this additional funding for our media programs," said President Paul Davenport.

"This initiative will provide good opportunities for our students."

"The concept of this degree-diploma initiative was proposed almost a year ago," Rundle explained. "However, neither institution had the capacity to accommodate the extra students." He said the $4.5 million will go to the expansion of facilities and will make room for the addition of nearly 155 multi-media students.

Rundle stressed the importance of the initiative in providing a complete educational background for students. "Western's program is more concerned with media theory and Fanshawe offers a hands-on approach to technology."

Davenport said Fanshawe and Western have complimentary strengths, adding the new media initiative will allow their strengths to work off of one another.

Christian Bode, spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance, said the Western and Fanshawe partnership is only a small part of the government's greater objective. "Our goal is to create close to 73,000 new student spaces in colleges and universities in Ontario," Bode stated. He also said $55 million would be contributed to modernize existing institutions and $231 million would go into collaboration between colleges and universities.

David Spencer, associate professor of media, information and technoculture at Western, said initiatives such as this one are correcting over 30 years of division between colleges and universities.

"This is a marriage that has been a long time in coming."

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