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Friday, May 19, 2000


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Moms are outstanding

By Rebecca Morier
Gazette Staff

It's hard to keep quiet about something as good as Mom's the Word – a celebration of maternal "bliss" now showing at the Grand Theatre. It is an earnest and often hilarious exploration into the immeasurable hardships and rewards of raising children.

Six Canadian women (Linda A. Carson, Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard and Deborah Williams) wrote and perform this tribute to moms, in what began as a group therapy session for these professional actors-turned-amateur mothers.

The result is an exposition of motherhood told in the form of humorous anecdotes, poignant monologues and poetic reflections. Although there is no plot per se, there is still a clear development in the experiences of the women as they journey from the na•ve misconceptions about conception, to the taboo whispers of sex after childbirth.

The performance is filled with memorable stories and moments. One woman shares her experience of delivering a sickly premature baby in a series of touching vignettes, bringing a tear to more than one eye in the audience. The audience was also found with tears in their eyes – tears of laughter – with the squirting breast milk scene and the skit in which one woman's fleeting nudity displays the "attributes" of a dutiful and desperate mother.

While each of the bold, talented women maintains her own unique identity within her storytelling, they come together to reach across universal maternal experiences. All the moms in the audience can't help but smile.

By exploring various familial relationships, Mom's the Word appeals to all people. Those who accompany their mothers will enjoy the performance as much as the mothers themselves will; while those who are childless, or away from mom, will undoubtedly leave the theatre with an urge to make a long-distance phone call.

Lewd rants on diaper soup, inventive props and outrageous (yet familiar) anecdotes render Mom's the Word an event filled with lots of laughter. Each woman's candid telling of her personal stories injects bittersweet sentimentality and revealing insight into the profound love that is motherhood.

It is this clever coupling of humour with honesty that makes Mom's the Word a success. More than a mere exposé on the elements of motherhood, it celebrates the miracle of life, the strength of love and the necessity of laughter. Better than flowers, perfume, or any box of chocolates, this performance is a treat for moms. Even though Mother's Day has just passed, the women behind Mom's the Word remind us that mom deserves flowers a lot more than once a year.

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