Volume 94, Issue 2

Friday, May 19, 2000


TV Western a waste of student cash

TV Western a waste of student cash

By Colin Butler
Opinions Editor

I don't get TV Western at my house. Its broadcast radius is the University Community Centre. Why do we have an entire television station to serve a lobby? How can you justify the cost? All I ever see on that channel is a clock. I pay, I don't know how much money, for something that I can just find on my wrist, namely the time.

Okay, maybe I'm being unfair. They do cover University Students' Council Meetings. I guess that justifies the cost. Hey, why go all the way to the third floor of the UCC when I can watch the proceedings in the building's noisy and traffic congested Atrium? The answer: because the Atrium is a perfect place to enjoy the stimulating programming that TV Western has to offer. It makes so much sense, aside from the fact that I'm watching a USC meeting.

My point is nobody watches TV Western. An escaped Nazi war criminal could hide on a live broadcast for 24 hours and no one would be the wiser. The reason nobody watches is because it's pointless. So why are we paying for all this television equipment?

From what I can see, there's got to be a treasure chest of audio visual equipment in there. The money used to buy the equipment probably could have funded an organ transplant operation, or fed an African village for a decade. Instead, it's being used to fund a seemingly useless TV station that broadcasts to a glorified lobby. This sounds like a joke. Certainly it can't take that much equipment to broadcast a bloody clock.

The cost of TV Western could be easily justified if it were possible to get a degree in broadcast journalism at Western. It is impossible. This impossibility does not constitute reasonable grounds to fund a television operation. One can acquire a diploma in broadcast journalism, but not here, it is only attainable through the guidance of Fanshawe College. So why do we have a television station?

Why do they film USC presidential elections that are happening in the Atrium, while simultaneously broadcasting them live in the same room? Does this make any sense? If we took room 266, gutted it of all its AV equipment and replaced the room with a giant furnace, we could shovel money into its flames and it would probably have the same effect as TV Western does now.

I guess one way to justify the cost is that it keeps those troglodytes, who volunteered for audio-visual club back in highschool, out of trouble. If they're broadcasting a clock, it doesn't leave them much time to concentrate on revenge. I mean all they need is a high-powered rifle and a bell tower; then everyone who made fun of them before university will regret they ever did. Oh wait, maybe I should watch what I write. There's a hell of a lot of bell towers around here.

I hope someone can enlighten me and the student body, on why we should pay for a service which doesn't seem to perform a worthwhile function. The amount of money given to TV Western could be going to something far more useful, like floor wax.

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