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Wednesday, November 1, 2000


Concordia money vanishes

USC answers - where's the beef?

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USC Senator voting rights in question

Province throws the money into water

Tobacco companies get stubbed out

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London miffed over Toronto garbage plan

Students protest York U. strike

Corroded Disorder

USC answers - where's the beef?

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

It has been five months since the beef first began hitting the board and the University Students' Council has 98 online grievances filed under their belts.

USC communications officer, Jaime Notman, said she was shocked by the amount of e-mails the USC Beef Board has received since the first week of May until now, adding she deals with most of the electronic inquiries put up on the board.

"In terms of fielding questions, they come to me first and if I can't answer them, then I direct them to wherever or whoever can," she said. "I get responses back from people all the time saying thank you for getting back to me."

Notman said the Beef Board gives people a forum in which they can feel at ease approaching the USC. "Not everybody feels comfortable going up to a BOG forum and asking a question, so this is the best way to voice these concerns."

The Beef Board is the brain child of current USC president Dave Braun. He said he first envisioned the VP-campus issues handling student concerns, but later the USC board of directors decided the communications officer would handle the duty.

"The USC has been far from perfect and this is a forum students can use to help their council get better," he said. "This is one step in a variety of initiatives that the USC is working on, in being more approachable."

Braun added usc.ideas@julian.ca is a forum in which students can e-mail new initiatives to council, rather than using the Beef Board, in which students only address issues currently in progress. "Students also can contact me to personally respond to issues at president@uwo.ca," he added.

However, Senate-at-large elect Luke Petrykowski said most students are not even aware of the Beef Board's existence. He added he thought the Beef Board is just another tool used by the USC to remain invisible to the student body.

"The Beef Board shouldn't be used as a replacement for knowing who your reps are," he said. "A true place for student feedback is on the corner of University Dr. and Elgin, not through something as impersonal as an e-mail."

Petrykowski said a Beef Board should not be a substitute for USC accessibility and responsibility for student awareness.

Aiman Sayeed, a second-year administrative and commercial studies student, said he sent in an inquiry regarding the increased cost of the USC bus pass and the unchanged service of the London Transit Commission. He said he was impressed at the speed of the response as well as the explanation of the issue.

"It's kind of like a written Speakers' Corner. The [Internet] acts as an invitation for people to voice their concerns. When I got my response I was like 'Yeah!'" he said.

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