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Wednesday, November 1, 2000


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Buses keep rolling

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Corroded Disorder

Buses keep rolling

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

Despite initial concerns from students at affiliate colleges, the yellow buses used for transportation to Western's main campus are here to stay – at least for the rest of the school year.

John Miller, controller at Kings College said much of the early negativity surrounding the bus system provided by Murphy Bus Lines has been addressed. He said there has recently been a lot of positive feedback about the program.

"Many of the buses have had a bell installed to satisfy individual stopping. Most students are pleased overall with the buses – they like the music on the bus, as well as the friendly drivers," he said.

Miller said the main concerns still tend to be the tardiness of students to classes, as well as having to enter and exit the bus through a single door. He said students have stopped by his office with specific complaints about the system.

"We are still encouraging students to bring us feedback so we can overcome these difficulties and others," he said, adding the affiliate colleges will be tendering again for next year's services at the end of this year.

Rob Murphy, assistant manager of Murphy Bus Lines, said beside the hectic first couple of months of getting students to class on time and the negativity surrounding why students were back on 'school buses', response to the program has generally been quite positive.

"When trends change, there always seems to be that first negative reaction," he said. "We feel we have a good relationship between King's College and [ourselves]. If there was a major problem we would sit down and work it out."

Murphy said the bus line recently conducted two weeks of student surveying and has improved its services through the feedback it has received. He cited economic savings, coupled with quality service as two strong points of the current program.

Brescia college student council president, Jen Perkins, said the system was working, explaining recently, there has not been too much negative feedback.

"It's come to the point where [students] have just accepted it. They have installed stop indicators on the buses and that has been helpful," she said, adding students understand the financial savings that come from the current system can be put toward other expenses within the school.

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