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Wednesday, November 1, 2000


Concordia money vanishes

USC answers - where's the beef?

Buses keep rolling

USC Senator voting rights in question

Province throws the money into water

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London miffed over Toronto garbage plan

Students protest York U. strike

Corroded Disorder

USC Senator voting rights in question

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

Confusion surrounds tonight's emergency University Students' Council meeting with student Senators unsure of their voting privileges and USC president, Dave Braun, unable to attend.

Monday afternoon, USC speaker Darren Spicknell, announced the scheduling of an emergency meeting to be held tonight to discuss possible campaign bylaw violations by Legal Society president Michael Rubinoff.

But, current and incoming social science and media, information and technoculture senator, Neil Kapoor, explained current senators' terms ended yesterday.

In addition, incoming Senators have yet to be assigned voting positions on the USC, because the USC's Student Caucus on Governance has yet to meet with all Senators to determine which individuals will occupy the voting positions, he added.

Erin McClosky, USC deputy speaker, said she was not sure whether current or incoming senators would have voting privileges at tonight's meeting. She said she will be checking with the university secretariat's office today to determine a resolution.

Melissa Parker, current Senator-at-large with voting status on the USC, said she had not been informed of the emergency meeting. Parker explained she will be working from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. tonight and therefore will be unable to attend. "I wasn't given any notice so I won't be there," she said.

Fellow Senator-at-large with USC voting status, Marc Chernoff, said none of the current, outgoing senators have been notified of tonight's meeting. Despite this, he said he hoped Senators would have some official status at the meeting. "It's ridiculous. I think [the USC] is still going to let us speak but [Senators] should have voting rights."

Incoming Senator-at-large, Luke Petrykowski, said he was under the assumption he would have voting status at tonight's meeting. "I can't wait to be there and share my opinion," he said.

USC president Dave Braun, who is in Ottawa attending a Canadian Alliance of Student Associations conference, said he would not be attending the emergency meeting. He said his absence would not be a problem. "[Wednesday] night's meeting has nothing to do with Dave Braun. It's about all of council."

Jeff Clayman, USC legal affairs officer, said Braun, who also sits on the Election Committee, was informed of the emergency meeting before it was called and had given it the go ahead.

Social Science Students' Council president, Josh Morgan, said he thought the emergency meeting could have been added to next week's USC meeting. "If it's only going to be half an hour I don't know why we didn't just tack it onto the next meeting."

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