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Wednesday, November 1, 2000


Women's volleyball winning streak hits the 50 mark

Stangs come up lame

Male wrestlers have a good weekend

Mustangs run wild

Male rowers win OUA banner

Mustangs still face greatest challenge

Stangs come up lame

Gavin Bauer/Gazette
OK, NOW HOW DO WE MAKE THE "M", "C" AND "A"? The men's volleyball team had all hands on deck in weekend action.

By Pat Kane
Gazette Staff

Alumni Hall became the site of a battlefield as all the Queen's men managed to win the war against the Western Mustangs in volleyball action on Saturday.

The Queen's Golden Gaels responded to a poor Western attack by taking a 3-0 straight set win in Saturday afternoon volleyball action. The Mustangs rallied, to fight through some tough defence, but failed to give Queen's much of a challenge. The Golden Gaels won their respective sets with scores of 25-18, 25-18, 25-16. Western assistant coach, Joffre Ribout, said he was less than enthused about his club's performance.

"I was pretty disappointed with our efforts. We had little emotion, played with no intensity and it just seemed like nobody wanted a win. The team [Western] is really talented and we have high expectations for success," he said.

Ribout also added the majority of mistakes were due to mental errors.

"We hit a lot of balls out of bounds, and just didn't seem too clued in to the game. It was a one-sided match."

Although the Mustangs did not have what it took to grab their first win of the season, there were some bright spots in Western's game.

"I thought Andrew Rajtek kept us in it. He was very consistent throughout the day and very effective in helping our side," Ribout said.

The loss to Queen's gives Western its second consecutive loss in as many games this season. The Golden Gaels' dominance gave Western a wake-up call, refusing the Mustangs any chance of gaining momentum. Mustang starter, Luke Schram said he felt his squad handed Queen's the win.

"It was definitely our mistakes that lost us the game. Queen's didn't necessarily earn that win, we gave it to them," he said.

Schram also echoed the sentiments of his assistant coach, saying his team's performance was caused by mental mistakes and an overall inconsistency.

"We didn't play well at all. There was no execution or rhythm in our offence and our heads weren't in the match. You can't afford to play poorly against a decent team and expect to come out on top," Schram added.

Queen's head coach, Brenda Willis attributed Western's loss to a lack of preparation during pre-season action.

"We expected a good game when we came in here. I think we won the match because we were a bit more ready than Western was. Our team had a very competitive pre-season, while Western only had a few exhibition games before starting the season." she said.

Willis added the Mustangs had little to worry about and that it was only a matter of time before Western started playing like the team they are.

"Western has no reason to worry. They have the talent, I think they just have to get some confidence and be prepared to play. If Western starts playing like they know how, I wouldn't be surprised if we met up with them in the OUA's."

As for the future of the Western volleyballers, both Ribout and Schram said they think that they have to put their act together if the squad is to have any success.

"We really expect to win next week. All we have to do is be mentally sound and prepared. We got off on the wrong foot this season, and hopefully our season will end with only two losses on our record." Schram said.

Western looks to bounce back with a win over Windsor tonight.

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