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Tuesday, November 14, 2000


DeCicco wins

Operation Massive a failure

London bids Mayor Haskett farewell

Traffic and stolen laptops plague campus

Morning after pill sees critics in B.C.

Western places fifth again

Corroded Disorder

DeCicco wins

By Chris Lackner and Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

Anne Marie DeCicco had long been considered the heir apparent to the mayor's throne and last night she was officially coronated Queen of London, winning over 80 per cent of the popular vote.

"We will make progressive decisions," DeCicco said, of her new council. "You can expect no less as I take on the role as your mayor."

DeCicco said her main goal as mayor is to heavily promote the City of London and continue to encourage economic growth and downtown revitalization.

When asked what message she had for the students of Western, she was very positive. "The university has always been a very important part of this community and students play a big part in that role," she said. "We need to promote the university as an integral part of London."

DeCicco pledged to offer the same enthusiastic and forward thinking approach to the position of mayor that she has brought in her last nine years on council.

"I want to acknowledge all the candidates who ran for office," she added. "They decided to take action to make this city better. I applaud them."

Lincoln McCardle, a part-time Western student, who finished eighth, said he was not surprised by the outcome. "I can't be too disappointed, it was very well known what the result was going to be," he said.

He added he thought DeCicco was the best candidate for the job and will do very well as mayor.

"She had the most experience and she was definitely the most qualified candidate," he said. "People have criticized her for being wishy-washy in the past, but she hasn't made any enemies that way, so hopefully she'll be able to get the full co-operation of council.

Incumbent Ward 6 councillor Megan Walker, who did not run for re-election, said DeCicco's victory would allow her to escape the shadow of current mayor Dianne Haskett. "I think Anne Marie DeCicco has not had the opportunity to present herself on council," Walker said. "Anne Marie can now work independently of Dianne Haskett's influence."

Walker explained before becoming deputy mayor, DeCicco was often a risk-taker who was more open-minded. Walker said she thought those qualities seemed to fade while DeCicco worked with Haskett.

Joe Fontana, Liberal Member of Parliament for London North-Centre, said he looks forward to working with DeCicco and the new members of council. "There are numerous initiatives in which we have to work together with all three levels of government."

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