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Tuesday, November 14, 2000


DeCicco wins

Operation Massive a failure

London bids Mayor Haskett farewell

Traffic and stolen laptops plague campus

Morning after pill sees critics in B.C.

Western places fifth again

Corroded Disorder

Operation Massive a failure

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

Despite much hype Operation Massive was far from 'the most massive all-Western party ever.'

The event billed as featuring several DJs and MuchMusic personality Rick 'The Temp' Campenelli was scheduled for Thompson Arena from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. last Friday.

University Students' Council VP-student affairs, Chris Sinal, said the event was a joint project between the USC and the Western Programming and Activities Network, which is composed of representatives from affiliate, faculty and residence councils.

Sinal said the USC and WPAN had 4,000 tickets printed and planned to market between 2,000 and 3,000 of those.

However, according to Jeremy Pottinger, chair of Event Staff, the security team hired to collect tickets and provide security, only 120 tickets were collected at the door.

Sinal said advance tickets sales were poor but the organizing committee had been told door sales would be different. "The feedback we were getting was that sales at the door would be exceptional," he said. "That didn't happen."

As a result, the event was stopped prematurely at 12 a.m., Sinal said, adding refunds are being offered to those who attended. "Anyone who was at the event received signed tickets. If they come up to the USC office before 4:30 p.m. on Friday they will receive a partial refund."

A full investigation into what went wrong is now being launched, Sinal said. "There's going to be some significant investigation into a number of things, including how the feedback we received could be so different than the numbers we got."

Sinal said he was unsure how much money the USC lost as a result of this event, but explained any profits which would have been made, would have been given back to the various WPAN councils.

Josh McIver, in charge of ticket sales for the organizing committee, said WPAN had hoped to make money for the various councils, but the results indicated the event was too large for the Western campus. "There are a million excuses you can come up with, [but it seems] an event this size can't be accommodated on campus."

Fourth-year media, information and technoculture student, Clare O'Hara, attended the event and said she was disappointed by the lack of people in attendance. "Had it been closer to Orientation Week there would've been a bigger turnout," she said. "It was pretty sad."

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