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Tuesday, November 14, 2000


DeCicco wins

Operation Massive a failure

London bids Mayor Haskett farewell

Traffic and stolen laptops plague campus

Morning after pill sees critics in B.C.

Western places fifth again

Corroded Disorder

London bids Mayor Haskett farewell

By Chris Lackner
Gazette Staff

London's municipal ship has a new captain, in mayor-elect Anne Marie DeCicco. Meanwhile, Dianne Haskett, the City's current mayor, is finalizing her preparations to head for southern waters.

Haskett said one of the things which gives her the most pride concerning her second term as mayor is the co-operation the current City Council has shown, despite a variety of political and philosophical views.

"We've achieved a more significant amount of municipal legislation than any other council I can recall," she explained.

She said London's current council has invested in areas which have been ignored throughout previous decades, including the sewage system and city roads, to which substantial funding has been committed.

"We also had a strong goal of ensuring the revitalization of downtown," she said, citing investment in the downtown arena complex, the new Covent Garden Market and the approval of the relocation of London's Central Library to London Galleria.

Haskett said she is also proud of the City's investment in infrastructure for the 2001 Summer Games, including financial contributions to Western's new stadium, as well as the renovations of the London Aquatic Centre and Harris Park.

"I feel somehow disappointed in terms of promoting and marketing the City of London," Haskett said, when asked about any regrets or perceived failures she had during her two terms as mayor.

Haskett said she is looking forward to spending more time with her family, who have recently moved to Washington D.C., but hopes to return to London and possibly seek a federal seat in parliament at some point in the future. "I don't want to run federally until I have a clear vision and plan of action in mind," she said.

Orlando Zamprogna, a member of London's Board of Control, said he was unsure of what legacy Haskett would leave behind.

"I asked God for guidance on this question and God told me not to say anything at all," he said.

Megan Ward, London's Ward 6 councillor, said despite her accomplishments, Haskett often polarized public opinion during her time in office because of her strong personal convictions.

"Now that she's gone, we can focus on the City and not the negative actions of the mayor."

Mayor-elect, Anne Marie DeCicco, who served as Deputy Mayor to Haskett, said Haskett has a real love for the London community, citing the push for the revitalization of downtown as a central contribution of her term in office.

Haskett willl remain in office until Dec. 1.

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