Volume 94, Issue 42

Tuesday, November 14, 2000


DeCicco wins

Operation Massive a failure

London bids Mayor Haskett farewell

Traffic and stolen laptops plague campus

Morning after pill sees critics in B.C.

Western places fifth again

Corroded Disorder

Traffic and stolen laptops plague campus

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

Potential criminals must be studying hard for exams as the past week passed quietly at Western with minimal incidents of crime reported to the University Police Department.

On Nov. 7 various noise complaints were reported to the UPD concerning some of the residences on campus, said Const. Wendy McGowan, who explained police were dispatched and the problems dealth with.

Also on Nov. 7, a newly planted tree was uprooted outside of Medway Hall and will be replaced, McGowan said.

Police and the student emergency response team were dispatched to The D. B. Weldon Library on Nov. 7, when two individuals suffered a serious mishap with a door, McGowan explained. One individual was following the other when they bumped into each other and subsequently bumped into a glass door. The glass door shattered and both students sustained numerous cuts and scrapes, she said. Both were treated on the scene and then sent to University Hospital for further treatment.

On Nov. 8, two laptops were reported stolen on campus and a separate laptop was turned into the UPD, McGowan said. Laptop security on campus is an growing concern she said. "People really should consider some extra security measures," she said. "We do have engravers here if people want to engrave their driver's license on their computers. This will help with the recovery, if the laptop is stolen."

A large vehicle traveling on Perth Drive collided with a London Transit Commission bus on Nov. 9 causing traffic delays, McGowan said.

On Nov. 12, two vehicles parked on the Huron College parking lot were broken into, McGowan said, adding London police later apprehended two suspects and connected them to the incidents.

Nov. 13, in the Natural Science building cafeteria, an individual was reported to be loud and intimidating to the cafeteria staff, she said. Police responded and the individual, who was not a student, was escorted off campus, McGowan added.

In addition various traffic offences were reported, but for the most part it was an uneventful week at Western. "It's been fairly quiet," she said. "Exam time tends to slow things down."

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