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Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2000


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Maclean's says Ontario schools lagging

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Campus Briefs

Spaceman to land today at Western

If all goes according to plan, a top US rocket scientist and Air Force Brigadier-General will be on campus today to talk satellite technology.

"It is very difficult, even in the US, to have him give talks on any level," said Peter Brown, the Western physics and astronomy professor who has invited Brigadier-General Pete Worden to give a speech on microsatellites at Western today.

According to Brown, Worden worked on Ronald Reagan's 'Star Wars' strategic defence plan in the 1980s and twice served as a space policy advisor during the Bush administration. He said Worden is also widely respected for pioneering an inexpensive, small satellite approach to planetary exploration.

"He sort of introduced to [the National Aeronautics and Space Administration] the whole idea of doing things on a smaller scale," Brown said. "He's going to be talking about small satellite programs," Brown said. "The so-called better, faster, cheaper approach."

Brown said getting Worden to speak here would be a major coup for Western and added yesterday he still doubted whether the space expert would show up, even though his office has confirmed his travel plans to London.

"I will be, let's say, surprised if he comes through," Brown said, explaining Worden often gets called away on high priority business.

Worden is scheduled to speak at 1 p.m. in Rm. 123 at the Physics and Astronomy building .

–Mike Murphy

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