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Thursday, November 16, 2000


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"Massive" probe begins

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

The University Students' Council is continuing to investigate what went wrong with Operation Massive, last week's all-Western party that drew criticism for its disappointing turnout.

Operation Massive was forced to close early as a result of poor turnout. The USC had hoped to sell between 2,000 and 3,000 tickets, but Event Staff, who collected tickets at the event, reported only 120 people attended the event.

Along with the Western Programming and Activities Network, a USC committee, USC VP-student affairs, Chris Sinal, said he is currently gathering information for a report to be presented to council next Wednesday.

"Right now, I've collected all the correspondence between myself and everyone related with the event," he said. "Currently, I'm compiling a report concerning the objectives of this event, how these objectives were to be completed and the results."

He said the final report will include observations and recommendations as to what could have been done to prevent the poor turnout. Sinal said he may also solicit outside opinion as to what could have been done better.

"I think the biggest problem was the feedback we were getting down the chain of communication which said 'This is going to be great, everyone's coming,'" he said. "A committee like this depends on communication."

A campus the size of Western's may have not been able to handle an event of this large scale, he added. "There are a few things that could have gone wrong," he said. "Maybe something this size wouldn't fly."

David Brady, agent for DJ Mistress Barbara, MuchMusic host Rick Campenelli and the other acts scheduled to appear at the party, said he was assured the event would be a success.

"I was assured everything was OK, but once I got there no one was there," he said.

"I was told on Friday there would be 1,500 tickets sold [when I got there]. Obviously something went wrong. It's not good for the artist, not good for the venue and not good for morale."

Brady said in his opinion there had not been enough promotion for the event and this had lead to such a poor turnout.

But Sinal said he disagreed with this assessment. "We promoted this event more than any event this year," he said.

Manager for Thompson Recreation and Athletic Centre, Tony Brenner, said the USC had received a discount and had only been charged two thirds of the normal cost for the event.

He added all profits and costs for alcohol sales at the event were the arena management's responsibility.

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