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Friday, November 17, 2000


C-Day: Code goes to Senate

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C-Day: Code goes to Senate
- State of Code of Conduct decided today

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

A monumental meeting for the university will occur at 1:00 p.m. today as the Senate sits down to debate the Western Code of Student Conduct.

Brian Timney, chair of the vice provost's advisory committee on the student code, said the Senate will assemble today to discuss the document which will set guidelines for sanctions on student behaviour.

He said today's meeting will be a fairly extensive discussion about the code, at which time Timney said he felt the committee would receive a series of recommendations and amendments to the document, from senators.

"University discipline falls under [the Board of Governors]. We will look at the Senate's advice and recommendations and use them to put together a revised version of the code to be presented at the next BOG meeting in December," he said.

"Approval by the board will be closer to the January BOG meeting," Timney added. "Why we are actually bringing it to Senate, is to give the code maximum exposure, as well as to get [the Senate's] advice."

Timney said he thought the University Students' Council's 'Open Letter to the Western Community' that appeared in yesterday's Western News was inflammatory, adding he thought the issues that were raised were ones that can be resolved.

"There's a lot more room for discussion and compromise than the letter would suggest. There was a lot of effort to get feedback from students and the ball was in the [University Students' Council's] court longer than has been implied," he said.

Neil Kapoor, a student senator and chair of the student caucus on governance, said he as well as many other members of Senate still hold serious concerns about the code. He said he is amazed at the lack of public input that was taken by the committee when drafting the code.

"[The committee] has almost made it impossible for the average student to understand what this code really is. It was being debated all throughout the summer. The only problem was, no one was on campus to discuss it," he said.

Kapoor said overall, the code is good for the student body and it is a great starting point, but it has not yet reached a finished state. "It's too important for the university to mess it up," he said, adding the caucus met last night to discuss anything new in the code for today's meeting.

USC president, Dave Braun, said he does not think the code is not ripe for Senate. "The [advisory committee] had two voting members, none of whom was a student," he said. "[The code] is about students and it was missing its biggest stakeholder in the decision making process."

Braun would not predict the outcome of today's meeting, but said he thought all students should be proud of the efforts of Western's student representatives and more specifically student senators working on their behalf.

"Let's worry about getting [the code] right and not just about getting it done," Braun said.

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