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Friday, November 17, 2000


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Western plays host to hip-hop

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Corroded Disorder

Western plays host to hip-hop

By Michael Mullan
Gazette Writer

A dance and street culture exposition coming to campus is promising to have everyone in attendance breaking down the walls in more ways than one.

Operation B-Droid, a hip-hop culture showcase taking place at The Wave this Sunday, is set bring the streets onto campus, said Mary Jane Fogarty, one of the event's organizers.

Fogarty said breakdancing, a popular form of dance originating in the 1980s involved dancers known as B-Boys and B-Girls, but B-Droid is the term used by London dancers to take the emphasis off gender.

According to Fogarty, the four elements of hip-hop will be represented during the night as a multi-media graffiti exposition, free-style M.C.'s and finely spun music will form a backdrop for the night's highlight, the breakdancing competition.

"[Operation B-Droid] is showcasing hip-hop culture for people who would not normally get to see the talent of the artists involved," Fogarty said.

Fogarty added some competitors will be selected from the all ages event held from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m., also at The Wave. The crew competitions in the evening will draw people from as far away as Montreal and Ottawa. Fogarty said the judges' demographic diversity is indicative of the B-Droid culture.

"B-Droiding is an international art form, which embraces people of different cultures, races and genders," she said.

Mark Serre, the University Students' Council manager of bars and restaurants, said he welcomed an event that would bring diversity to campus. "It's good to have different things happening, especially at Western, which has been pretty mainstream," he said.

One of the graffiti artists whose work will be on display at the event, Rebos, said he was excited about the evening. "I think it's good to have [Operation B-Droid] at Western. [It will] give people a chance to see the talent that is right under their noses and show that London is on par with some of the best scenes across North America," he said.

Mike Walpole, a fourth-year English student, said he thought the graffiti and dancing to be showcased at the event was something he would be interested in seeing. "It is one of the most interesting movements out there today. It's diverse, dynamic and very in your face," he said.

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