Volume 94, Issue 45

Friday, November 17, 2000


Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Green pariah at all-candidates meeting

Re: Federal hopefuls vow to protect students, Nov. 10.

To the Editor:

I am writing in regards to a very unfortunate event that occurred last week at Western. The federal all-candidates debate held here on campus was supposed to be a forum for ALL political parties to be heard and for opinions to be discussed and questions to be asked.

Unfortunately, not all of the parties were invited. Only the major political parties with large corporate sponsors were invited. The Green Party was one party not invited to participate in the debate.

When Jeremy McNaughton, the Green Party candidate for London-North Centre learned of the debate (from a friend, by no official means) he rushed over in the pouring rain to the university but was too late to even ask questions to the other candidates.

I should think that Western, which is supposed to be a haven of enlightenment, would be one place that a smaller party could have its ideas heard and discussed.

Unfortunately, this did not happen.

Ironically enough, Jeremy is 19-years-old and a potential Western student! I am very disappointed that in this land of freedom and at a university that claims to be "leading and thinking" that the Green Party was not invited to debate.

It's disgusting to think of Canada being compared to the appalling behaviour demonstrated in the US, which did not allow Ralph Nader to debate and caused massive protests and arrests.

It's especially disappointing considering how often students complain that no one in office can understand their concerns. Yet, when a candidate who is qualified in understanding youth gets involved, he is not even invited to the debate at the university.

I encourage everyone on campus to try and get out to a real ALL candidates debate to make sure students know ALL the choices available.

Chris Chalmers
Biology II

Fontana falls flat

Re: Federal hopefuls vow to protect students, Nov. 10.

To the Editor:

As impressionable youth voters in the riding of London North Centre, we were recently shocked at our elected representative, Joe Fontana's decision not to answer students' questions.

At the recent All Candidates Meeting held in the McKellar room on campus, Mr. Fontana continually promoted his skills of "listening" and "communicating."

It was surprising to witness Mr. Fontana's response to a question posed after the debate. On the issue of recent HRDC cash disbursements in the province of Quebec, Mr. Fontana denied allegations of certain mismanaged funds, even though Jean Chretien admitted to subsidizing unworthy businesses.

After the questioner was blocked by one of Fontana's staff members, the person was told that Mr. Fontana had other pressing matters.

Fontana's "listening" skills did not seem as skillfull as they are cracked up to be.

The dismissal from our elected representative and the fact that Fontana could not spend a few hours with students, a large part of his riding, shows a certain disrespect for the inquiring minds of the university students.

Shannon McMillan
Social Science III
Wendy Rynard
Business Administration I

Runaway Freight train party

Re: Operation Massive failure, Nov. 14.

To the Editor:

Last Friday night, the runaway train that we call the University Students' Council, finally derailed. It would seem tens of thousands of student dollars went up in flames and tragically there were no survivors at Operation Massive.

Thankfully, most of the passengers, including myself, threw themselves from the train to avoid the wreck. The students of this campus want answers and not the excuses offered by the USC.

If the USC considers itself a corporation then why aren't heads rolling?

I thought corporations were supposed to make money and not burn it on ill-conceived efforts like Operation Massive. The students of this campus are not asking for an explanation this time – they are demanding one. Did I mention that I think tens of thousands of student dollars went up in flames? Hey USC, the next time you want to gamble, go to Casino-Rama.

But please, don't take the student coffers with you.

Luke Petrykowski
Honours Biology III

Rock star status questioned

Re: Limblifter vs. Gazette, Nov. 15.

To the Editor:

In response to Mr. McLellan's letter, the members of N'SYNC "actually are" NOT "rock stars" – at best, they are schlock stars. They match the Tragically Hip only in their ability to fill venues and Kim Mitchell in their poor fashion sense and bad hair.

Please refrain from dignifying this ridiculously shameless teen market-driven concoction of the faintly talented and questionably handsome, as a legitimate rock act by comparing N'SYNC to artists whose contributions to popular music culture will still be relevant in 18 months.

Daniel Steiche

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