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Thursday, November 2, 2000


Web site threatens elections

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Web site threatens elections

By Mike Murphy
Gazette Staff

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous and afraid."

Those were the words of Paul Bryan, a 30-year-old software developer from British Columbia, who last Friday launched a Web site which violates Canadian law.

Bryan created electionresultscanada.com in order to challenge a federal elections law that forbids publishing federal election results from other provinces until B.C.'s polls are closed, he said.

Due to the time difference between B.C. and the Maritime provinces, election polls for the Nov. 27 federal election will close in Newfoundland before they do in Vancouver, confirmed Elections Canada spokesperson, Hal Doran.

Doran said the Canada Election Act contains a section forbidding the publishing of results of one province's polls to another province until that second province's polls close as well.

The law is aimed at preventing voters in western provinces from altering their votes in reaction to what has already happened in eastern provinces, he explained.

"The idea is to give everyone a level playing field," Doran said.

Bryan said the thinks the law is unfair and he will oppose it by publishing eastern results to B.C. residents via his Web site before the B.C. polls close.

"Information is being made available to some Canadians and not to others," Bryan said. "We've chosen to sacrifice freedom in the name of democracy."

Bryan said he was inspired to create his site when he heard the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had arrested and seized the computer of a Nova Scotia man who broke the law by broadcasting results of a September byelection in Nova Scotia to B.C. before the polls in another byelection in B.C. had closed.

Sgt. Wayne Noonan, spokesperson for the RCMP in Nova Scotia, confirmed a 68-year-old retired school teacher was arrested and had his $3,900 computer confiscated on Sept. 22 in connection with contraventions of the Elections Act.

Bryan said he has not been contacted by Elections Canada yet, but said if they do order him to close the site he will not co-operate. However, he said if a court order is issued, he will obey it.

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