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Thursday, November 2, 2000


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"Stupid" games run rampant at Western

No evolution raises curriculum concerns

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London ordered to upgrade facilities

Corroded Disorder

"Stupid" games run rampant at Western

By Chris Lackner
Gazette Staff

Some might call university life a stupid student game, but yesterday in the University Community Centre the definition took on a whole new meaning.

The Stupid Student Games, an competition-style event put on by the Toronto-based OnCampus Productions Inc., held auditions for the Western segment of the event at the University Community Centre CentreSpot yesterday.

Adam Sinai, producer of Stupid Student Games, said the audition process involved groups of four students presenting cheers and then taking part in various camp-style games which involved teamwork and coordination. He added the competition is scheduled to take place at The Wave at 5 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 13.

One of the events in yesterday's audition included a relay in which a life saver had to be passed between a group of students using a toothpick, but without the use of their hands.

Sinai said the University of Waterloo and the University of Windsor are having their own competitions, with the winner of each set to compete at London's Covent Garden Market on Nov. 30.

The winning group of the final Stupid Student Games will receive $1,000 each towards next year's tuition and win an all expense paid vacation during slack week, he added.

He said the final competition will be broadcast on television by various CHUM affiliates, including London's The New PL.

"Hopefully it will make for some interesting television," he said. "The goal of our company is to reach a university demographic."

Andrew Crosby, Western student co-ordinator for the Stupid Student Games, said he was extremely excited about the turnout for the event on Western's campus. "People are coming out and having a blast," he said.

"I would just like to say this event is amazing at relieving stress," said Tim Bhatnagar, a second-year engineering student who entered the competition.

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