Volume 94, Issue 36

Thursday, November 2, 2000


Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Official take on Student Code

Re: Left out in the code, Oct 31.

To the Editor:

I would like to thank The Gazette for its thoughtful editorial on the proposed Code of Student Conduct and also for raising, in very practical terms, what was one of the most difficult issues for the committee to deal with – the application of the Code to alleged misconduct that occurs off campus.

In its current form, the proposed Code explicitly states that the University does not stand in loco parentis to its students. In other words, a student who gets into a drunken bar fight with a stranger in downtown London would not be subject to the provisions of the Code simply because he or she is a Western student.

However, if the same fight occurred when a student was a member of an officially sanctioned University organization at an off-campus event sponsored by the University, then the Code would apply.

These cases are straightforward.

The jurisdiction problem arises in the example quoted by The Gazette – a student who injures another student in an off-campus incident that prevents the injured student from attending classes for a period of time. Should the offending student be subject to disciplinary proceedings under the Code?

As it stands, the Code does make provision for "off-campus conduct that has...an adverse effect on...the rights of a member of the University community to use and enjoy the University's learning and working environments."

The intent of this provision is to provide an equal measure of protection to a student whose person or property is interfered with by another student, whether that interference occurs on or off campus.

The extent to which this provision might be applied in practice is likely to depend on the circumstances of individual cases.

Clearly there are different points of view regarding this provision. As students, it is necessary to ask yourselves whether the freedom to behave in any way you like off campus, without the prospect of sanctions by the University, overrides your rights as an injured party if you were the person whose notes were stolen, whose computer was damaged, or who could not finish off a term because of injuries sustained from another student.

The driving force behind the development of this Code is not to give the University sweeping powers to punish students, rather, it is designed to provide a more structured system to deal with misconduct including a formal appeal mechanism and to ensure that all members of the University

community can go about their business without undue interference.

Brian Timney
Vice-Provost's Advisory Committee on

the Student Code of Conduct

USC $1,000 pay hike questions raised

To the Editor:

There's nothing wrong with people getting extra money they deserve IF the institution they're getting it from has the funds. With the University Students' Council handing out $1,000 pay raises, one would think that they are in good financial condition. Then why couldn't they foot the bill for table rentals during Clubs Week?

Although it's a past issue, one has to wonder if the USC knows how to manage its cash. This year the USC decided (among other issues) to increase the cost of clubs participating in clubs week to $25; a $10 increase, while going on a spending spree for "promotion" making T-shirts and full-colour posters of themselves.

We do not need full-colour pictures of [VP-student affairs Chris] Sinal naked around campus, nor do USC execs need T-shirts with their faces plastered on them. Especially when it's coming out of the pockets of cash-starved student clubs.

An effective Clubs Week campaign doesn't need expensive ads – just look at the "CK/Clubs Week One" posters a couple of years ago. With all this, how do they justify the rate increase, let alone charging clubs in the first place? Other universities don't charge their clubs anything, not even "insurance".

Look at the numbers. The total increase in fees for clubs is $1,000 (100 clubs at $10 each), low and behold, the same amount the USC could "afford" to increase one of their members paychecks.

It was only two years ago when clubs didn't have to pay for Clubs Week, compete with Imaginus and even had a clubs directory which students could take with them. How times have changed.

We know the USC can't organize a concert, pub or Clubs Week. Maybe they should add responsible budgeting to the list.

Roger Fuchigami

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