Volume 94, Issue 46

Tuesday, November 21, 2000


Code goes back to drawing board

Stockwell pops into London

UWO caretaker strike averted - CUPE and administration finally agree

London North Centre race heating up

Auto break-ins on the rise, UPD warns

Campus Briefs

Moran outlines new buildings at Senate

Planet Me

Campus Briefs

Buy nothing – do something

Doing something with nothing is high on the list for a Western group this week.

This Friday, Buy Nothing Day will be celebrated at Western. For 24 hours, students are encouraged to avoid consumer spending, in an effort to protest the widening international gap between the rich and the poor.

Mike Gretis, the Buy Nothing co-ordinator of the Western chapter of OXFAM, said tomorrow through Friday, the group will be present in the University Community Centre, distributing information and raising student awareness on global working conditions and the environmental and ethical consequences of consumerism. "We want to focus on alternatives to consumer culture," he said.

Gretis said a mock sweatshop will be set up on Friday in the UCC Atrium to demonstrate the working conditions endured by sweatshop workers around the globe.

–Chris Lackner

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