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Wednesday, November 22, 2000


Alliance visits Western

Massive report to USC tonight

Calgary high school stabbing shocking

Campaign 2000 attacks national children's poverty stats

Campus Briefs

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Top parties surf for votes - Gazette evaluates big party Web sites

Campus Briefs

Looking into the health of Aboriginals

Three members of the sociology department at Western will be looking closely at the living conditions of Canada's First Nations population.

Paul Maxim, Jerry White and Paul Whitehead, in partnership with Health Canada and the Department of Indian Affairs, have entered the second year of their study exploring possible links between the characteristics of Native communities and the health of Aboriginal Peoples, Whitehead said.

According to Whitehead, First Nations communities generally have lower life expectancy and higher infant mortality rates than other groups. What remains unclear, however, is how these issues are linked to water quality and access to health care in Native communities.

The information obtained in the survey may provide policy makers with evidence on which to base their policy decisions, Whitehead said.

–Hilary Cox

Putting business skills to the test

The DEX marketing club will be challenging Western students to test their finance and marketing skills this weekend.

The competition is open to business students and non-DEX club members need only pay $3 to compete, said Hina Zaman, a member of DEX. The various business simulations and case studies will test finance and marketing skills. The simulations will be judged by business professionals in various fields, she added.

"It's a chance for students to build on presentation skills and analyze different business situations," she said.

According to Zaman, the competition is Nov. 25 from 1-4 p.m. in the Social Sciences Centre Rm. 2050 and anyone interested can contact Yixin Hsieh at yixinhsieh@hotmail.com.

–Aaron Wherry

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