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Thursday, November 23, 2000


Operation Massive loses over $30,000

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Operation Massive loses over $30,000

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

Operation Massive, the University Students' Council's much criticized dance party, lost over $30,000, VP-student affairs Chris Sinal announced at last night's council meeting.

A loss of $31,193.41 was identified in Sinal's 22-page report to council which explained what went wrong and what can be done to correct further failures.

In all, the Western Programming and Activities Network, a USC sub-committee, collected $857.69 in ticket revenue, while incurring $32,051.00 in expenses, the document explains.

A total of $10,140.27 was spent on entertainmnet, $10,260.00 on production, $7,330 to rent Thompson Arena and provide security and $4,320.83 on promotion, according to the report.

An e-mail from Sinal to WPAN members included in the report, explained Operation Massive had the potential to be financially prosperous. "Not only can we make this work, but we can make it kickass (sic) and make some money while we're at it... a Lot (sic) of money."

Further in the report, Sinal explained the organizational problems which led to Operation Massive's failure. "While many [representatives from constituent councils] were enthusiastic at meetings, over the phone and through e-mail, it was apparent from the outset that not everyone could fully commit," the report said.

"While each may commit individually, an event that depends on the total commitment of all involved will not succeed unless there is an exceptional motivator," the report revealed.

As well, Sinal added reports of residences without any visible promotion material were discouraging and suggested without the previously mentioned support of all social representatives, promotion would invariably suffer.

In addition to suggesting future events be promoted more vigorously and possibly linked to Orientation Week, Sinal recommended the losses of future programs be covered by the constituent councils who would have benefitted from the programs.

Sinal explained advance ticket sales had been poor, but constituent council representatives had assured him ticket sales at the door would be significant. He added, WPAN and the USC's desire to create a line-up which would please the most people, may have also hurt the event. "While attempting to please everyone's tastes we may have pleased no one."

Sinal closed his presentation with an apology to council. "I want to offer my apology to council. I want to say I'm sorry."

Luke Petrykowski, a Senator-at-Large, said he was disappointed with the presentation. "I think there's many questions left unanswered. I'm surprised Sinal apologized to council but didn't apologize to students. This was students' money and someone needs to be held responsible."

Orientation officer, Tim Shortill, said he thought Operation Massive could have been a success. "I was at Operation Massive and all it needed was the people. It was a great setup."

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