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Thursday, November 23, 2000


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Affiliates looking for piece of pie

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Affiliates looking for piece of pie

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

While Western's main campus has designs on constructing new buildings, the university's affiliate colleges came before the London Board of Control yesterday to seek funds for their own expansion.

Theresa Topic, principal at Brescia College, said the province has granted Brescia, King's College and Huron University College $3.6 million, providing the affiliates are able to match the amount.

She said the three affiliates have so far accumulated $2.1 million from fund raising, alumni and student council pledges from Brescia and King's.

The remainder of the funds would come in the form of $1.5 million in support from the City of London. "Post secondary education is very important to the London community," Topic said.

The expansion plans are part in parcel of the SuperBuild Growth Fund, a program set up by the provincial government that provides matching grants to universities to increase academic structures in response to the double cohort, an expected doubling in enrollment of first-year students in 2003-2004 due to the elimination of grade 13.

Topic said if all goes well, SBGF projects at the affiliates would include an expansion and upgrade of food labs at Brescia, a 100 seat ampitheatre, library extension at Huron and a new academic building at King's.

Gerald Killian, principal of King's College, said the affiliates will assume 30 per cent of Western's double cohort influx. "We used the economic impact template that Western used when they presented to the city and for every $1 pledged will return $13 of other investment in the city," he said

Killian said he would not make any assumptions on the City's eventual decision. "You make your case, make sure the City's fathers and mothers are completely informed and hope for the best."

London Mayor-elect, Anne Marie DeCicco, said yesterday's presentation went well with the Board, referring the proposal to the budget process. "It will be tabled in December because of the new council turnover and then the budget committee will meet in February to decide," she said.

DeCicco added the board had numerous questions including economic impact of this project, where the other funds would be coming from, as well as requesting to see the affiliates' business plan.

"It will come down to two issues," said Ted Gerrard, Western's VP-external. "If there are sufficient funds available and the return on the city's investment."

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