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Friday, November 24, 2000


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City's Board of Control questions colleges

Gazette Staff

Reaction coming out of Western affiliate Colleges' Super Build Growth Fund expansion presentation to the London Board of Control Wednesday has some city controllers questioning whether the City should shell out the funds.

Last year, Western's main campus made a request to the City of London for $10 million in funding, for Super Build expansions, but the presentation did not include its affiliate colleges.

"There was some concern from council. Some felt the $10 million requested by Western was to include the comprehensive university as a whole," said controller-elect Gord Hume, of the $1.5 million the affiliates are requesting.

He said any time an organization comes before the board they should expect some vigorous questioning. "We were a little surprised by the second asking of funds coming out of Western."

Hume said clarifying the situation in the beginning may have helped, but he said the board does recognize the importance of both the university of Western and the affiliates to the London community. "What has to be understood is that the City will be facing some serious financial challenges within the near future," he said.

Theresa Topic, principal of Brescia College and one of three presenters in Wednesday's meeting, said the City asked why the affiliates had not been included in with the university's initial presentation.

Topic said she could not get a sense of whether the controllers understood the affiliates are considered independent from Western. "[The affiliates] have their own boards, our own budgets, we make our own decisions. We tried to make the autonomy of the university colleges very clear."

Ted Garrard, VP-external of Western, said when the university made their presentation they did not consider including the affiliates.

"The City never asked and we didn't think to tell them," he said. "However, even if we had indicated, we would have still requested the $10 million amount because of everything the university brings to the city."

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